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The Dracula Society


Graphics by

Berni Stevens


Insignia designed by

Ian Ainsley



Dave Hawley

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The Dracula Society Postcard


From an exclusive design by artist and Society Honorary Life Member Ken Barr, the Society's postcard depicts scenes and characters from Stoker's Dracula, incorporated into the face of “The Count”.




The copyright watermark across the image above is not of course on the actual purchased item!


The costs are:

For single postcards:.............40p per card

Bulk discounts:......................12 for £4 or 50 for £15


Ordering Information:


Members and their guests can buy cards at any Society event. Please do let us know that you would like to buy when booking for the event, to ensure supply at the event!


Postal ordering for members:

Postage is included for orders of up to 50 cards, for orders over 50, please add 50p extra.


Postal ordering for non-members:

Postage is not included.

For orders of up to 50 cards add 50p.

For orders over 50, please add £1.00.


Orders will be despatched as soon as possible after they are received.

Cheques drawn in UK Pounds Sterling only please, payable to "The Dracula Society", along with your name and address, and number required of course. Bank Drafts in UK Pounds Sterling are also accepted.

Send to the Society contact address.