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Society Meetings


We hold five main meetings each year, nominally in late January, early March, late April, early June, and early October.

These main meetings are held on a Saturday evening, in a private room at a public house in central London, England, and are open to members and their named guests only.

There is a charge made for attendance at these main meetings, and pre-booking is necessary as a hot food buffet is provided. There is always a licensed bar available, usually private.


We also hold occasional irregularly scheduled Library Evenings featuring readings by members, and a Society pre-Christmas social evening is held every December. These events take place during the week, and are not pre-booked, as food is not provided. They are however always held in a central London pub where food is available. A small charge is collected in cash on the night to cover the cost of the private room hire.


For the full details and costs of events, members refer to a notice which is sent out to all members by post or e-mail some three weeks in advance of the event. The deadline for bookings is normally one week before the event.


We very occasionally get groups of members and guests together for one-off daytime or evening events such as theatre or cinema visits. For events like these, which can sometimes be arranged at short notice, members may be contacted by e-mail or telephone if we have the necessary details.


As our regular meetings and events are always held in London, we aim to hold at least one Society trip away from London each year.

This can be a long weekend, or even occasionally just a day trip, usually in the United Kingdom but occasionally going abroad (for example visits to Bram Stoker's birthplace in Dublin, Ireland), or a much longer trip much further abroad (such as weeks touring in Transylvania and other parts of Romania).

We aim to mount a long trip abroad for more than just a weekend every other year. Trips which involve nights away are of course advertised much further in advance than regular meetings, and a deposit will be payable when booking, with the balance payable nearer to the time of the trip. Click on the Trips link for more details of currently planned trips.



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